"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." ~Swami Sivananda

We’re commercial matchmakers. We connect businesses across the globe to creative and marketing resources; enabling them to innovate, communicate and compete. Our global network of top-tier specialists is drawn from a broad range of complementary disciplines:

  • Brand Identity, Marketing and Promotion
  • Digital Platform Development and Social Networking
  • Graphic Design, Visual Effects, and Animation
  • Live-action Production
  • Music Composition and Sound Design



Headed by marketing and production veteran Phil McIntyre, PGM Artists will help you scope your project requirements then identify and engage the best resources available.

Because of our great contacts and because we understand the ever-changing media landscape, we deliver an ideal match between what you want to achieve and the skills and resources that will help you achieve it. Wherever you are, whatever your challenge, we’ll find the right talent to match your individual needs.

“I’m a big believer in collaborative partnerships and always seek to make every connection a perfect fit.”  Phil McIntyre.

Much of Phil McIntyre’s successful media career has been built on his savvy market insight. Together with his deep knowledge of production techniques and his keen eye for talent it makes PGM Artists a smart and flexible business.

Phil is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of three Greenwich, Connecticut-based companies: The Brand Gallery, Standard Directors, and PGM Artists.

The Brand Gallery develops brand identities, marketing campaigns, and branded content for some of the world’s most-recognized brands. Standard Directors is a live action production company representing the most accomplished live action directors both domestically and internationally.  With proven options for vertically integrating productions from talent through post for its clients, Standard Directors is poised to deliver on all aspects of the production spectrum. With its global network of creative and marketing experts, PGM Artists helps media companies and advertising agencies engage the right specialist talent. In 2009, Phil up-rooted these New York City-based companies to Connecticut in a move involving the development of a commercial real estate project in downtown Greenwich.

His companies are also part of the State of Connecticut’s Film Tax Credit initiative — a program designed to attract digital media and entertainment marketing businesses to the state. Also on board are Blue Sky Studios, NBCUniversal, and WWE.

Before launching The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, Phil was a partner and head of sales and marketing for the New York City-based design and effects company Click 3X. Before that he was an East and West Coast sales executive for R/Greenberg & Associates in New York.

Phil is a graduate of Denison University where he majored in film theory, history and production. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Greenwich, Connecticut together with their 12-year-old twins.