“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~Woody Allen

June 16, 2015 Emily Walsh GHS ’15

I knew going into my internship search I wanted something that would have meaning and help me decide what I wanted to pursue in college. Once making my decision about attending Denison University I thought I would reach out to Phil as I knew he went there and we used to be neighbors. I did some more research and found that he has been giving internship opportunities to college students for years. I reached out to him and we set up an interview. This year was one of the first years he had given high school internship opportunities, so I was excited and nervous to see how the first day was going to go.

Although Emily and I were here for a short amount of time we were treated the same as college interns. This respect from Phil, Alison, and Ian helped make the overall atmosphere feel more like we were working here as well. Obviously coming from Greenwich High School we were not the most experienced but they were always patient and willing to answer any questions we had if we were confused. The small company vibe made being in the workplace comfortable but also serious. I think one of the highlight moments were I felt that I had the most impact was during AICP week. Not only were we able to watch the Award shows but to be backstage guiding the presenters to get mic’d up made me feel pretty important. We wore earpieces with walkie talkies and it was really cool to hear the different people talking backstage about the show while we watched it, to make sure everything ran smoothly.

I would never expect that this internship would have taken me to an exclusive rooftop NYC party or another exclusive MOMA party filled with some of the most influential people in the business. This internship was more than I could have expected and helped me figure out so much about myself and how people work. Working in marketing really makes you focus on the needs of people and what they will like/ how they will react. Im beyond glad I was able to experience this at the end of my High school career and can not be more grateful to Phil for giving me this opportunity and for Alison and Aiin for being very helpful the whole time.