“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~Woody Allen

June 16, 2015 Emily Matthews GHS ’15

As my senior year was coming to a close, I was told by my teachers and counselors to find an internship for the last month or so before graduation; an internship I am interested in and that could potentially help me discover what I want to do throughout and after college. As someone who has not even finished high school yet, I was and still am undecided about what exactly I want to do professionally. I know what my strengths, weaknesses, interests, and dislikes were but in order to find a suitable internship I still had to figure out how to combine them all together and find a career that is potentially right for me. When I took this assignment back home to my family, an internship in advertising or marketing automatically came to my parents’ minds. As a person who identifies strongly with being creative, having an open mind, and having an interest in all things TV and commercial related translated almost perfectly to what the business – and more specifically, what The Brand Gallery – had to offer.

I am more than lucky enough to have the privilege to complete my senior internship at The Brand Gallery thanks to Phil McIntyre. My fellow Greenwich High School peer, Emily Walsh, and I were eager to start our summer journeys as summer associates and learn as much as we could about the advertising and marketing business. Four weeks and two days has never seemed to go by quicker! My time as a summer associate may have been short compared to most Brand Gallery internships, but I can confidently say I have learned so much – and I am sure I would learn so much more if Emily and I stayed longer!

Within this past month, I have been exposed to so many different aspects of this industry. The great thing about interning at The Brand Gallery is that the company has so many different endeavors, especially being that it is associated with PGM Artists and Standard Directors. As Phil, Iain, and Alison took on different projects, they continued to share with us and teach us about their processes and just how much goes into each piece of work. A simple 60 second video will take days to perfect, something I did not even think about before my experience here. I have become so much more aware of the meticulous process that it is behind the TV, news, and commercial industries as well as the creation of graphic design. From having a behind the scenes look at the Greenwich Town Party video to the graphic design work to volunteering at AICP, my experience as a summer associate has been very well rounded. It has only reinforced my interest in the advertising business and creative work overall, and I can’t wait to pursue these interests further when I start college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall!