“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~Woody Allen

June 11, 2015 The Brand Gallery Takes AICP Week

Last week, The Brand Gallery’s summer associates volunteered at AICP week – a three-day long event than included informative seminars, abounding networking opportunities, two major awards shows, and two exceptional after parties.  It all began on Tuesday, when the girls headed down to the NYU Skirball Center to work behind the scenes at AICP’s NEXT Awards.  After being outfitted in their AICP uniforms, they helped speakers navigate the backstage corridors before they walked in stage.  As a part of the volunteer perks, they even got to sit front row to see the whole show!

The NEXT awards show was aimed at honoring commercials or ad campaigns that took risks – in a good way.  The show honored commercials under a variety of categories, a few of those being Cause Marketing, Integrated Campaign, Social, and Product Integration.  Between the awards categories and speakers, AICP aired interview clips of the industry’s experts attempting to describe what the NEXT Awards are.  Although each answer was different, they all agreed that NEXT commemorates the ads that are ahead of the curve and doing things that others haven’t thought of yet.   After the awards show, everyone moved up to the tenth floor for the reception, which was complete with endless food, sweeping views of New York’s nighttime skyline, and the perfect occaison for networking.  Everyone had a great time, eating and talking the night away while they excitedly looked forwards to tomorrow’s Basecamp.

Wednesday’s Basecamp took place at The Helen Mills Event Space & Theatre down in the Flatiron district.  The day’s schedule was filled with seminars given by industry professionals on topics such as new production methods and what really inspires this industry’s successful people.  In between the seminars, people could be found trying out AICP’s virtual reality installment, where video goggles transported users to an alternative reality that is the future of gaming, films, and maybe even advertising.  Wednesday wrapped up with a quick cocktail party, and before everyone knew it, it was time for the final event – Thursday’s AICP show at MOMA.


The AICP show itself was a spectacular event that opened with Kerstin Emhoff, co-founder of PRETTYBIRD and the Chairperson of the AICP Show, giving a speech about the past year in advertising and the exciting times ahead in the industry.  Just like NEXT, the show was divided into an array of award categories that gave the night some structure.  Cinematography, Original Music, Direction, and Sound Design were some of the many categories that each had at least one winner.  Some of the commercials were quick, but some lasted up to seven minutes, almost like a short film.   Once the show was over, guests exited MOMA’s theatres and made their way to the museum’s outside garden, which was beautifully furnished with white couches, silver standing dining tables, and lofty clear tents in case it rained.  Waiters were buzzing around with trays of tuna tar-tar tacos, savory cannoli, and short rib kabobs.  The bar was always busy, and heavier dinner options could be found on the outskirts of the garden, where tables were adorned with mahi-mahi, filet mignon, roasted vegetables, and an array of flatbreads and salads.  The night stood out as not only a time to celebrate AICP Week, but also everything that had been accomplished in the past year of advertising.  AICP Week left everyone feeling proud of this year’s successes and excited about what next year will bring.