"Even the genius asks questions." ~2 Pac

July 24, 2014 Summer Associates 2014

Olivia McLean (’14): I applied to a variety of internships, looking for an opportunity to grow and learn as much as possible. While many looked promising, none of them offered the small, intimate learning environment The Brand Gallery did. The Brand Gallery stood out to me, vastly different from the big giants where I feared I would be nothing more than a blurry face in a sea of corporate faces. Here, I recognized a place where I could really be apart of new projects, conquer work-related challenges and ultimately, realize my true potential. I was not disappointed.                                                                                                                                         My first day at The Brand Gallery was a whirlwind. Unlike the slow “syllabus days” of my youth (where every beginning involved some pointless introduction), my first days at The Brand Gallery were packed with action. From the moment I walked in, I was given things to do that mattered – assignments and tasks I could own and build on with initiative. And with each passing day, I was newly encouraged to hit the ground running in pursuit of new leads and creative solutions.                                                                                                  In an economy where it is more important than ever to make oneself indispensable in the work place, I am more grateful than ever to have been offered so many chances to grow and broaden interests. As a Summer Associate at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, I learned so much from Phil McIntyre. Under his guidance, I learned the value of “giving good phone,” and I was given opportunities to hone my own communication skills with existing and potential clients. Phil “showed me the ropes” of the industry, providing me with real-world examples to support and enhance my understanding of the work I was doing. With his help, every task could be seen in context – almost like a piece within a larger puzzle.

I was equally lucky to have the opportunity to work under Production Coordinator Alison Burke, who patiently trained me in the systems and operations of The Brand Gallery and encouraged me to develop my problem-solving skills. Her patience throughout the internship allowed me to ask “dumb questions” most interns are afraid to ask without feeling ashamed. Alison also encouraged me every step of the way to become more self-sufficient. She taught me to try a hundred different solutions independently before leaning on others for help, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could do more than I’d ever imagined.

Alison also introduced me to the digital production world… Safe to say that before Alison, my understanding of ‘production concepts’ hovered somewhere around the zero mark. However, in watching the interactions between Alison and Creative Director Iain Greenway, I gained an appreciation for the complexity and detail that goes into Branding.

My time at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists provided me with more than solid work skills; it provided me with valuable life experiences. After this summer, I feel both ready and excited to further explore a career in marketing communications.

Emily Hosfelt (’15): As a Communication major, there is a tendency to state off hand that you are interested in seeking a career in “advertising and marketing.” Admittedly, I was wholly unaware of what such titles even meant, or the demands and work of the industry overall. While narrowing in on my internship plans, I wanted to learn everything I could about these career endeavors that I touted to others. I was eager to be exposed to an array of experiences in a fast paced office environment for my first summer internship. I wanted to identify how my liberal arts education is going to benefit me outside of a classroom environment, and I hoped to apply my Communication and Sociology coursework in a tangible, rewarding way. I was initially intrigued by the variety of clients The Brand Gallery had done work for and was interested in the process of the business. I was drawn to the ten-year commitment Phil has made to the Denison internship program and was enthusiastic about working closely with two fellow students. As the summer comes to a close, I can say that I am pleased that I chose to spend my time with The Brand Gallery, as my expectations have certainly been met.                                                                                                         The close-knit work environment at The Brand Gallery mimics what I love about Denison, as we were able to work directly with Phil, Iain, and Alison daily, without stumbling through some expansive office pecking order. The first hand involvement we found here is invaluable. I became aware of the interrelated nature of this line of work, as news presenters, ad agencies, brands, sales reps and consumers are dependent on each other. The multitude of partnerships that are involved in producing an advertisement, promotion, or brand design is astounding and was of particular interest to me. Carol, Olivia, and I were constantly clued in on upcoming projects that The Brand Gallery was anticipating, we conducted research with Phil, and developed sales experience, all while bouncing ideas off of one another and collaborating on projects. Our experience was perfectly well rounded because were able to get a feel for the diversity of positions and job descriptions throughout the media industry. Whether, volunteering at AICP, touring BlueSky studios, spending time at Femmegems, or seeking business opportunities for PGM, I now feel well-versed on the pace and undertakings of the industry.

After completing 10 weeks here, I now have a confident grasp on what brand marketing is, the process of commercial production, and the work that is involved in creating promo reels and logo designs for various TV, news, and sports networks. From consuming advertising, marketing, and branding news, to reviewing TBG’s completed projects and keeping up on new business they acquired, I felt constantly challenged and intrigued by what was going on in the office and my responsibilities as a summer associate. I have a sense of newfound assurance and direction as I head into my senior year and make plans for what lies ahead, and I owe that to my experience at The Brand Gallery.

Carol Allen (’16): I have always enjoyed the feeling of intimacy and familiarity found through a small school, such as Denison. However, I did not imagine that I could find that same feeling in the real world. The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists provided just that. I was thrown into a real office in a real work place, but the atmosphere was comfortable, casual, and helpful. I was able to interact with Phil McIntyre, the CEO, on a daily basis and receive incredible feedback. I was in his office everyday. He really takes a hands on approach with his summer associates. He exposed us to every project that came through the doors, introduced us to countless associates, and exposed us to some amazing opportunities we never could have dreamed about. For example, we were able to volunteer at the AICP Awards, a renowned awards show in the advertising community. It was such a special event, and it helped me realize a possible interest in production. Phil taught us about the different fields in this industry and that will undoubtedly help me in my future career pursuits.                                                                                                                                             Us three associates were not small, insignificant interns at a company that wouldn’t even notice if we showed up. We were part of a family that worked together and bounced ideas off of each other. While we did things such as answer phones or help clean up the office for meetings, I realized that each task, no matter how “small,” was important to the daily workings of the office. Many days Phil himself would help us clean up or organize, and I saw that for a company to truly work you had to commit to helping out wherever you are needed. Phil truly leads through example by working hard and expecting the same of those who surround him. He taught me that hard work develops into success and growth. My summer at The Brand Gallery encompassed that mentality. We worked hard and accomplished a lot. I grew as an employee as well as a person. Phil, Alison, and Iain taught us about the marketing industry and how to accomplish tasks from video editing to sales calls to working a security system.

A large component of working at The Brand Gallery was learning new skills and developing those we already had. Alison taught me how to use Final Cut to edit our Media Consumption Survey about the World Cup, so I was able to develop a video editing skill and be exposed to something new. I loved the excitement of a new project and exploring the creative side of the industry. This summer was rewarding and fun. I am thankful I was able to accept this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to seeing what The Brand Gallery will accomplish in the future. I cannot wait to take all of the lessons I have learned and explore my capabilities as I progress through school and in my career. I am sure Phil, Alison, and Iain will be a part of my future. They care about their summer associates and even in my short span here I have seen the time and attention they will put in to helping their “family.” I am proud to be a part of The Brand Gallery, and I am so excited to take what I learned here and apply it in my life.

July 24, 2014 Creative Collective Wander Uses Syncopated Storytelling to Craft Oxfam America’s “Be David”: Digital Short Aims to Educate, Inspire & Activate

“Be David” is an inspiring long-form PSA crafted by Creative Collective Wander in collaboration with Oxfam America. Using its signature Syncopated Storytelling℠, Wander created an information-rich narrative that blends enthusiasm and a touch of humor to activate viewers to champion for change with Oxfam America. In other words: find their inner David.

The “Be David” project highlights the story of Ghana’s Joanna Manu, who attended a training session sponsored by Oxfam America and stood up against land threats and environmental hazards wrought by an open pit gold mining company. The larger message – that we all have inner power to influence and make change – is deftly conveyed with Wander’s Syncopated Storytelling℠ approach using quick cuts, graphic design, and unexpected imagery to punctuate the film’s voice-over narration with warmth and humor. View the project here: www.oxfamamerica.org/david

“Joanna Manu is emblematic of how people can create real change if they have access to information and can exercise their rights,” says Oxfam America’s Creative Director Jane Huber. “Our hope is that ‘Be David’ will close the distance between Oxfam’s beneficiaries and American viewers and that it will inspire people to join our community to become activists in their own right. We knew Aaron Weber and the Wander collective were the ideal partners to help bring this story to life,” she continues. “Aaron is a great creative force, and he brings so much to the work. He listens beautifully and understands how to translate our goals into a successful call to action.”

“I was honored to have a chance to tell Joanna’s story while also encouraging the next generation of activists to get involved,” notes Wander Creative Director Aaron Weber. “The team at Oxfam America is a dream client on so many levels.”

A leading producer of creative content, Wander’s Syncopated Storytelling℠ approach first debuted with the Rainforest Alliance – Follow The Frog brand film that was awarded with 2013 Cannes Lions, a TED Ads Worth Spreading, AICP Next, and many other honors. The collective has since gone on to create nationally and internationally recognized branded content and PSAs for LinkedIn, American Museum of Natural History, and Coexist.

“Syncopated Storytelling evolved organically to fulfill the needs of our clients who often have a complex or multilayer message,” explains Weber. “Through the rapid editorial style paired with a fast paced voiceover we are able to jam a ton of information into a short piece while keeping our audiences engaged, informed, and even entertained. And when the technique is used to further a great cause it is very, very gratifying.”

About Oxfam America:
Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. As one of 17 members of the international Oxfam confederation, we work with people in more than 90 countries to create lasting solutions. Oxfam saves lives, develops long-term solutions to poverty, and campaigns for social change. http://www.oxfamamerica.org

About Wander:
Wander is a creative collective providing full-service concept, production and design with additional branding and marketing capabilities. Wander’s nimble operation and network of talents in multiple disciplines allow Wander to easily access content around the globe and produce concepts that are unique and memorable. http://www.wanderfilms.com

July 22, 2014 Stephen Arnold Music Teams with The Brand Gallery for ESPN Deportes Upfronts, Promoting UEFA EURO 2016 Soccer Coverage

Dramatic Promo Created by The Brand Gallery Takes an Unexpected Musical Turn, from Cinematic to Dubstep, with
Library Cuts and Sound Design from the World Leaders In Sonic Branding.

UEFA EURO 2016 Upfront Promotion for ESPN Deportes from The Brand Gallery on Vimeo.

World excitement about championship soccer has never been more extreme, with tournaments across the globe drawing its largest viewing audiences yet. The reverence the sport inspires was perfectly encapsulated in a rivetingly different upfront for ESPN Deportes that was scored by The Vault, the Anti-Library from Stephen Arnold Music

ESPN is the broadcast home for the fanatically watched World Cup, and wanted to ensure ongoing success for ESPN Deportes’ coverage of the UEFA European Football Championship – a showcasing of the continent’s top 24 teams – when it begins this September. The 1:30 upfront promo created by agency The Brand Gallery accomplishes that with a dramatic visual and sonic presentation that grabs attention, while kicking cliché to the curb.

Tension builds in the promo’s beginning, as unfurling black flags intersperse with stunning HD footage of elite players preparing to compete before packed stadiums set to explode. A cinematic track from The Vault, combining choir and warlike drumbeats, escalates the stakes, but it doesn’t stop there: The sudden arrival of a high-intensity dubstep cut at :37 flips the script, providing the onscreen action with cutting edge appeal.

Stephen Arnold Music’s producers at The Vault worked closely with The Brand Gallery’s Creative Director Iain Greenway and CEO Phil McIntyre, and Production Coordinator Alison Burke, to hone the ideal soundtrack. “Soccer is bigger than life to viewers everywhere, and this promo needed to sound that way,” says Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music. “The strategy was to start with a composition that was more traditional and dramatic, then build the energy and momentum of the visuals with the dubstep feel. That second track gave The Brand Gallery’s team an ideal backdrop for stutters, stops, speed ramping, and slow motion action shots that are visually exciting, and provide a welcome change of pace.”

The promo’s theatricality was enhanced by sound design from Stephen Arnold Music, which wove in the realistic sound
of flags waving and crowd noise to complete the experience. “Delivering a sonic complement to many of the visuals in
this project was difficult,” Phil McIntyre adds. “The combination of The Vault and Stephen Arnold Music’s sound design
helped make this promo special.”

Proven expertise in sports media branding converged to make the promo stand out. As the World Leaders in Sonic
Branding™, Stephen Arnold Music’s portfolio includes ESPN, ESPNU, CBS Sports, CNN World Sport, Golf Channel,
GSP Sports Romania, and World Fishing Network. Meanwhile, The Brand Gallery’s soccer portfolio features ESPN,
MLS, Univision Deportes and Televisa Deportes Network.

Working with ESPN Deportes is just the latest in a series of highlights for The Vault, which has been undergoing
consistent expansion since launching in 2008. In addition to new volumes from PMOL, Song Zu, and Anno Domini,
The Vault has just commenced a distribution deal with Premier Tracks, adding four catalogs, 150+ volumes, and 2000+
unique titles to its offerings. As a result, The Vault now provides music supervisors, producers and creative directors with 11 catalogs, 411 volumes, 6,000+ unique titles, and 18,000+ unique tracks of hand-picked, ready-to-license music

Client: ESPN Deportes

Agency: The Brand Gallery
Iain Greenway: Chief Creative Officer
Phil McIntyre: Chief Executive Officer
Alison Burke: Production Coordinator

Creative Editorial: Thank You

Audio: Stephen Arnold Music