"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." ~Unknown

August 19, 2013 Summer Associates 2013

Tommy Harrison: As I narrowed my search for internships during late fall and moving into the spring, I made a priority list. I wanted to work somewhere where I would learn, garner worthwhile experience, and get my foot in the proverbial door that everyone highly advises you find. After ten weeks of hard work at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, as I take a moment to reflect, I feel very lucky. I was able to check all of these priorities off my list and more. Walking into our building with the big glass walls and open office doors, I had a feeling this internship would be more than just a resume booster. I was right. The ability to work so closely with the CEO and CCO on a day to day basis was fantastic. By keeping my ears and eyes actively open, I was able to pick up a great deal of knowledge and many tricks-of-the-trade. The intimate atmosphere of the building is one I took for granted at times, but also one I greatly appreciated. Partly a result of the building intimacy, these ten weeks have taught me to be prepared. Whether I was on the phones, reporting to our CCO, or pitching an idea to our CEO, I quickly learned that it is necessary to be well-versed in whatever I am doing. And at the same time, I learned to take chances. I can’t think of a single time Phil McIntyre, our CEO’s, door was not open. One of my favorite things to do would be to walk in and bounce an idea off of him. Phil always gave me his honest opinion, and continuously encouraged me to share whatever it was that I had spinning in my mind. This internship allowed me to grow into a head space that is very much related to what I want to do in the future, and was insurmountably better than the coffee-making, copy-fetching alternatives.

Sara Fisher: Looking back, it seems like just yesterday that I was starting my first day as a Summer Associate at The Brand Gallery. From failing to answer the phones correctly to getting back into “work mode”, I found it difficult to find my groove during the first week. Nevertheless, Phil, Iain, and Alison created a comfortable atmosphere from the start and made all of us feel right at home. The Brand Gallery mimics my experience at Denison in a sense; the small business mentality made for a great working environment and experience that I doubt I would have been able to find anywhere else. I really appreciated being thrown into anything and everything; it allowed me to gain an appreciation for all of the work that goes into a business. Working with the other interns, I have realized the different strengths we individually bring to the table and how that makes us successful as a whole. I think that is one of the keys to a happy, successful business. Through this summer at The Brand Gallery, I have learned both tangible and intangible skills for the rest of my time at Denison and hopefully, a long lasting career.

Erin Tridle: Knowing that I would be graduating in just a few months, I was very concerned about finding a job or internship that was relevant to my major immediately following. Luckily, I was hired as an intern at PGM Artists, which was a perfect fit for my interests and previous internship experiences. Working at PGM not only allowed me to gain further experience in my area of study, but also allowed me to work in areas that I never realized I would be interested. Being able to use my major in film within the broader scope of branding and marketing helped me gain insight into areas of the film business I had previously known very little about. The reason I was able to gain as much experience and understanding as I did during my time at PGM, is due to the great work environment that fosters teamwork and involvement at all levels. From the moment I started interning at PGM I was constantly working with Phil McIntyre our CEO and Iain Greenway our COO. Phil and Iain were directly involved with all the things the interns were working on, meaning we got to learn from extremely talented, seasoned, knowledgable professionals in the branding industry. In many internships, the things you work on don’t directly contribute to a final project or the goals of a company, but this was not the case with PGM. I was constantly working on new projects, researching potential new clients, and speaking to many of the companies and people that PGM works with. I truly felt useful in this internship, and always had something to do. As a result I gained a wealth of experience that will be invaluable to my future endeavors in the so-called “real world”.


Kathryn Gissiner:
While looking for internships this summer, I wanted to find a small, specialized company. I wanted an opportunity to be fully emerged in projects in order to learn and develop skills that will translate into the business world, and where I could learn from their successes in a competitive, creative field.My experience as a Summer Associate for both PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery has provided me with professional and personal skill development that will translate into any field I wish to pursue.  My duties ranged from administrative tasks, such as creating informational office materials, to executing a social media campaign that highlights PGM Artists’s exceptional creative talent.  Phil’s industry experience served as a critical guide to learning how to navigate relationship building, and strategic business development.  Under the guidance of production coordinator Alison Burke, I have also been able to build my Photoshop skills and develop my eye for design. As someone with a lot of energy and ideas, I often have the desire to take an idea by storm and not look back.  Through observation and discussions with Iain and Phil, I have learned that while this energy and passion is valuable, it is important to take a step back, and strategize.  Strategic thinking is key in business, in order to make the right decisions, translate your idea to others effectively, and ultimately find success.  I am looking forward to further exploring my career options as I finish my college years.


Yuis Shi: One year ago when I first got to know Phil and his company, I knew this was the internship I wanted and I was persistent about this thought. I walked in this studio with a big goal of getting my hand on creative work and developing a set of post-production skills. Phil and Alison offered me exactly the opportunities I needed. From the beginning, I started with photo composites in Photoshop and basic mashups of Abu Dhabi footage in Final Cut, to this moment now, I have succeeded in producing my work independently for both my company and other television networks with appropriate immersion of B roll, creation of lower thirds, addition of captions, combination of graphic animation, color correction, and sound composition. I see the progress I have been making step by step; I see how I have become a more open-minded, receptive and collaborative person for a team. The support and help I received here will always be a treasure I take along the road forward.Also, it has also been great experience for me to get involved in social media, website development, marketing research, and sales jobs. The one moment I remember most is the first time that I picked up the phone to make sales calls. Honestly, I was nervous and not fully equipped at that time. But Phil taught me an important lesson in my life: always be willing to try something new and challenging, even if you’re not very good at it; this is the way you are going to grow, professionally as well as personally. This turns out to be true. My communication skills were strengthened rapidly in the past several weeks, and from this summer on, I won’t feel uncomfortable anymore talking on the phone with no matter if it’s a sales person, a receptionist, an editor, or even a producer.Another unique thing about this internship is that our experiences were not confined to the studio. Phil reached out for us so we had the opportunities to meet and work with other amazing people and companies during our time here. Such as American EDtv, where I obtained my experience as a director assistant, Blue Sky Studios, where I was exposed to the whole process of computer animated films, and Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store, where I gained insights into the retail industry, talked to a successful entrepreneur, and learned how she built her career path. My view of the professional world was definitely expanded thankful to this internship.Time flows. All of the experiences this summer made me a more skillful, resourceful, and confident young professional and at the moment I walk out of this studio, I know my relationship with The Brand Gallery will continue to be one of my best treasures for the future. I will always be grateful for it.

Anna Deitz:
When I was trying to figure out the best use of my summer before senior year, I was a bit uncertain as to how I should “invest” that valuable time. I was drawn to the creative yet driven nature of The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, and while I was not entirely sure how I would perform in this setting, the internship seemed like it would provide exposure to a variety of arenas, and I took confidence in this. In reflection I see a gain that took form in a similar manner to that which I received from studying abroad in Paris, France last semester. Using my french linguistic skills to make my way around a foreign city involved cycles of noticeable improvements followed by frustrating challenges. The ultimate outcome; however, was an incredibly increased level of fluency that cannot be pinpointed to a particular point in time, but to the experience overall. I look back on my internship this summer in the same light. I realize how much knowledge I have gained along the way without specifically recalling when the learning occurred. No matter how seemingly insignificant or, contrastingly, influential a particular project might have been, the constant feedback from the CEO, Phil McIntyre, and Production Coordinator, Alison Burke, was invaluable. Additionally, working closely with the CEO of a company made me appreciate the intimacy of a small business, while the interaction I had with a Production Coordinator showed me a level of professionalism and attention to detail that I now strive towards. Every day posed a new challenge, including dealing with tasks that I was comfortable with as well as those that I struggled to perform. This allowed me; however, to know my own strengths as well as my weaknesses, creating a platform from which I could improve upon. Receiving criticism made it possible for me to see the value of honest feedback, as approval has a higher impact if given only when it is warranted.  I know now that I can never read enough about a particular topic, that putting in effort is not the same as performing, and that everything from advice to ideas should be challenged.This summer has allowed me to become more aware of my role within a collaborative setting and the importance of how an environment can shape the outcome of any project. I feel that my senses are sharpened and I have a better idea of what to tune into in the professional world as I face it down the road.My goal this summer was to learn, and as it turns out, the investment that I made in knowledge will more than pay itself off.

August 16, 2013 PGM Artists Welcomes The Brigade

Having recently joined forces with PGM Artists, Brigade provides pure and innovative firepower to the roster of clients. Uninhibited by what others may deem impossible, Brigade deploys custom creative teams equipped to take a project from ideation to completion. The Brigade integrates live-action and post production within their creative production company, with projects across the advertising, finance, medical, and tech industries. Brigade’s flexibility within the realms of animation, design and digital projects responds to the needs of clients who can take advantage of off-site collaboration, and PGM Artists looks forward to working with them.




August 6, 2013 Summer Associates Conduct Media Consumption Survey

Considering all of the creative ways in which companies are using social media to capture a 21st century audience, the PGM Artists Summer Associates wondered if access to News coverage has changed as a result of the pervasive role of social media and technology. To answer this question, they surveyed a variety of people in Manhattan to see how these individuals interact with the latest news stories.


For more results and details visit http://slayterbox1748.blogspot.com/2013/08/mediasurvey.html