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July 30, 2013 WANDER’s CoExist Campaign Grows with T-SHIRTS in INDIA

Roger Darnell of The Darnell Works Agency could not have said it better in his recent release stating, “WANDER Follows the Frog to Global Success.” After their award-winning video for the Rainforest Alliance, WANDER’s work continues to make a difference with their campaign of videos for the non-profit Coexist organization.

WANDER’s first Coexist video shows Uganda communities coming together across religious divides, under the efforts of fair trade coffee cooperatives.

Released just yesterday, the latest video documents communities of India and their educational efforts behind each stitch in a Coexist t-shirt (see the link below).

Combining over 25,000 farmers at Chetna Organic Cotton with expert Hindu and Muslim tailors at the Rajlakshimi Mill in Kolkata, India they have created a communal process that simultaneously builds a harmonious environment within which their children can grow and study.

Now, you can give education too by buying a Coexist t-shirt.

Check out WANDER’S videos for the Coexist T-Shirts:India and Coffee:Uganda as the Coexist Campaign continues!

Visit Coexist’s website to find out other ways you can get involved: www.coexistcampaign.org.