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February 19, 2013 Coexist Foundation Awards Global Assignment to WANDER -L.A.

The Coexist Foundation is a non-profit organization creating understanding across divides. Since their founding in 2006, Coexist has been working to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as between entire communities and others, through education, dialogue and research. Coexist does this by bringing together an influential network – including government, business, charities, academics and faith leaders – working towards the same objectives as they are today.

Now Coexist is expanding their role and developing grassroots channels to tell the stories of these initiatives in order to create awareness and encourage the public to contribute to these projects.

Building on the strength of Wander’s grounding breaking “Follow the Frog” Campaign (Recognized as one of TED’s Top 10 Ads Worth Spreading), Coexist sought out Aaron Weber, Executive Producer of Wander, to develop strategic brand videos for deployment second and third quarter of 2013.

Wander will explore an entertaining and investigative story-telling approach in order to reveal the inspirational way remote villages and communities are coming together to source and produce ethically. Specifically following coffee production in Uganda as well as cotton in India. 100% of the proceeds that Coexist generates from the sale of these products will be invested into educational programs that bring children and young adults from the divergent communities together to help them coexist.

Following 6 days of filming in Uganda and an additional 6 days of filming in India, the post production will return to Wander’s top of the line studio in Los Angeles. Contributing his foreign location expertise will be UK based directorial talent Mark Chaudoir, winner of over 50 international industry awards and former BBC Director.

Coexist creates environments for people to work and learn together while ultimately achieving sustainable programs that will strengthen the social fabric of society. The success of Coexist’s endeavors depends heavily on their ability to share the compelling stories of these unique remote communities – PGM Artists applauds Aaron Weber and Wander as they join Coexist in these inspirational efforts.

Wander is a multi-dimensional creative shop that produces award- winning work in a variety of media, including TV and web commercials, short films, design and brand integrated content. For more information and to see their “Follow The Frog” Campaign please visit: wanderfilms.com

Still from WANDER’s ‘Follow The Frog Campaign’ for the Rainforest Alliance


Phil McIntyre, CEO of PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery, has added boutique editorial shop Red Hydrant to his roster of post-production and production talent. Red Hydrant is helmed by multi-award-winning editor Rich Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum, previously one of the founder/owners of Invisible Dog and Convergence, will be offering his talents as part of McIntyre’s arsenal of vertically-integrated companies at PGM. Adding creative editorial to PGM Artists will help create a complete soup-to-nuts creative service for their clients, in effect adding a string section to an orchestra of multi-talented animators, composers, directors and designers that can be matched to advertising and media businesses across the globe.

With many years in the business, Rosenbaum offers a wealth of experience, having worked on projects ranging from ABC specials for magician David Blaine to a campaign of spots for hedge fund administrator GlobeOP, from promos for the new Lifetime production “Steel Magnolias” starring Queen Latifah, to the brand launch of Cablevision’s MSGVarsity Channel. Among the projects Rosenbaum has worked on this past year are an episode of “Get to Work,” a new show for the Sundance Channel, and “Hooked Up,” starring chef Tom Colicchio and guest Eddie Huang for YouTube’s new RESERVE Channel.

PGM Artists and Red Hydrant are excited about their new collaboration and are looking forward to working on many creative projects together.