"Even the genius asks questions." ~2 Pac

June 30, 2011 Streamline Content Shoots 2011 ConnectiCare Commercial

Streamline Content shot their 5th annual campaign for Connecticut based health insurer ConnectiCare on June 30, 2011.  Streamline’s previous collaboration with Decker Advertising for the client resulted in a 400% greater than expected marketing response.  The job was filmed in rural Connecticut with Peter’s RED camera and involved shooting interviews and B-roll of actual subscribers to the client’s health care plans.

June 16, 2011 A Night Out On The Town

On Tuesday June 7, 2011 the Summer Associates at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists spent the evening volunteering at the 20th Annual AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial held at the Museum of Modern Art. This show honors all the great television commercials over the past year in categories like Production, Visual Style, Visual Effects, Original Music, Public Service Announcement, and Student Commercial.

Volunteers for this event were mostly college students interning at various companies in the advertising industry, much like The Brand Gallery’s own. Duties for the night included counting how many people entered the theaters with click counters, directing traffic through the red carpet, checking hand stamps for admittance, and escorting entertainment acts to and from locations. It was a hectic night with lots of little hiccups along the way but the guests had a great time. There were 1,800 people in attendance; everyone from seasoned professionals to those ready to party. The combination of the young and rowdy and the mature and sophisticated was an interesting mix. Similarly, while some Summer Associates are familiar with the hustle and bustle of the city, others are experiencing it for the first time. That aside, nothing could prepare the Summer Associates for the crowds of people in the entrance hall of the MoMA or the magic of the sculpture garden at night. While outside it was easy to forget you were surrounded by tons of tall skyscrapers.


June 7, 2011 Streamline Content 2011 Review

As seen last year, Peter Kagan and Brian Bennhoff of Streamline Content have perfected the art of producing creative masterpieces. In 2011 they have maintained their level of excellence, which PGM Artists is proud to showcase.

Nike Sport Featured in DGA Retrospective (6/7/11):

Peter’s iconic Nike “Revolution” spot was honored by its inclusion in the DGA’s retrospective of commercial film-making at the Guild’s “Celebration of Game-Changing in Commercial Direction” event.

With a capacity crowd in attendance, the evening opened with a 10-minute montage of clips from historically significant spots.  Nike “Revolution” helped herald the launch of the footwear brand into the TV marketplace.  The spot is noteworthy for its format choice of Super 8 film as well as for its controversial commercial use of the Beatles tune with the same name.

As for the criteria for inclusion, dozens of directors were asked what spots they thought were significant and the Nike spot came up several times – from both the panelists and other directors.

According to Laura Belsey, curator of the montage, the spot “killed jingles and stylistically captured a turning point” in the art form.  She adds “commercials were going from being pretty and backlit to more raw in style.  It really captured the essence of that shift in graininess and esthetic.”

Following the screening, a panel of commercial directors examined and discussed the evolution of commercials and how innovations in commercials have changed the aesthetic in film and television.

Jess Penner and Days Inn (1/10/11):

Peter Kagan and Streamline Content were invited to help strategize on Days Inn’s creative in this unique upstream client relationship, in partnership w/ Decker Advertising. The Days Inn client, having worked with Peter before, placed tremendous trust in Peter and his advice on the most effective way to position the brand and appeal to its core consumer audience.  Peter has previously shot two previous campaigns for Days Inn, and was asked to help craft a music video featuring the singer/songwriter Jess Penner, who wrote the music used so successfully in both of the previous Days Inn spots Peter has shot.  A personal friend of Peter’s, Jess was thrilled to work with him directly and become the on camera face of the brand.  The music video was used at the national Days Inn franchise conference, with the intention of demonstrating the recommended direction for the current year’s TV creative.