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April 16, 2011 “30 Rock” Recognizes Film Tax Credit

In 2006, the Connecticut General Assembly established tax credits for the production of motion pictures, television, advertising, website development and video games. The  credit is equal to 30% of qualified production, preproduction and postproduction expenses incurred in the State. Not to mention that the only cap in Connecticut is a fifteen million dollar limit on salaries per season. To qualify for the credit one must spend more than $50,000 on in-state expenditures, however obscene material does not apply.

Tina Fey’s television comedy, 30 Rock recently acknowledged these credits in an episode that aired on April 14, 2011 titled, “I Heart Connecticut”. In this particular episode Jenna filmed Take My Hand, a parody of the Saw films in Stamford, Connecticut due to tax reasons. However, Take My Hand shut down mid-production when Connecticut refused to give the film its tax break due to the fact that it was not portraying the state in a positive light. However, Jenna took matters into her own hands by re-writing the script so that it was “pro-Connecticut”. Although about a third of the states in America have implemented the film tax credits program, it can be assumed that 30 Rock writers showcases the Nutmeg State due to its proximity to New York City and its diverse scenery.