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December 29, 2010 Streamline Content 2010 Review

PGM Artists client, Streamline Content has been quite busy recently. Peter Kagan, the Director and Cameraman, and Brian Bennhoff the Executive Producer, Producer, and 1st AD of Streamline Content has produced several noteworthy projects over the past year. With so many great projects, PGM Artists is proud to highlight a handful of their work.

Return to UCONN (7/19/10):

Streamline Content just wrapped its second annual shoot for the University of Connecticut.  The job was shot by Peter predominantly on his RED against green screen, using location-based background plates shot during the pre-light day.  Utilizing a large theatre space on campus, Peter’s crew hung and lit a large green screen, then talent cast from within the University were shot in front of it.  Camera angles and lens information were replicated from the previous day’s plate shoot to guarantee believable matching of the green screen to the plates.  Live auditions of the composites were achieved on set using Final Cut to ensure cleanness and to demonstrate to the agency and client in advance of their edit each shot’s effectiveness.

Jackpot at Harrrah’s (9/10/10):

Streamline just completed its third and most ambitious project directed by Peter Kagan for Harrah’s Casinos, and the most recent of many collaborations with Roy Behr and his firm Behr Communications.  The creative involved the rebranding of Harrah’s yet preserving the integrity and history of the company.  The job shot first in Las Vegas and then went to Tunica Mississippi, where Harrah’s operates several barge-based casinos.  The goal was to showcase the architecture and employees from as many Harrah’s properties as possible.  Peter’s RED was the workhorse camera as always, gathering beautiful images even in what would normally be compromising lighting environments.  An ambitious schedule involved shooting interior and exterior portraits in multiple Las Vegas daytime and nighttime setups, as well as shooting teleprompted scripts with Harrah’s CEO Gary Loveman.  The challenge of tight logistics resulted in Harrah’s volunteering one of their corporate jets to fly the core crew and entire camera package direct from Vegas to Tunica.  Now we know firsthand the benefits of flying private…which makes flying coach even harder!

ConnectiCare- Year 4 and Counting… (9/15/10):

Streamline Content just shot the 2010 campaign for health insurer ConnectiCare in a collaboration with Decker Advertising.  This is the fourth annual collaboration between the parties and is a proven instance of one of our core values at Streamline Content:  Over-deliver on every job and build the relationship with the intent of pursuing repeat business.  Beginning in 2007, Decker approached Streamline Content with a first campaign for their new client, the Connecticut-based ConnectiCare.  The ensuing shoot was overwhelmingly received with Connecticare’s phones ringing off the hook soon afterward.  The spot’s success in the marketplace and the tremendous consumer response to it resulted in further Decker work for Streamline and repeat business with Connecticare in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Another ConnectiCare project is scheduled for summer 2011 and Decker has already indicated its interest in having Peter involved at the very earliest stages to plan a similarly successful project..