"Even the genius asks questions." ~2 Pac

July 23, 2010 Alive @ 5

The Brand Gallery interns and employees went out on the town in Stamford, CT last night for the summer concert series, Alive @ 5. The concert series takes place every Thursday night from June 24 to August 5th and this year featured well known bands such as the Gin Blossoms, Rusted Root, and The Beach Boys. Last night, The Brand Gallery crew enjoyed great cheer, good food at a local joint called Curley’s and lively, swing music from the featured live band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. We all had a wonderful night and it was great to spend time with everyone before the end of the summer.


July 22, 2010 2010 AICP Golf Outing

The First Annual Madison Avenue Golf Open, hosted by the North Shore Country Club in Glen Head Long Island took place this past Monday, July 19th, 2010. The event was sponsored by AICP along with Advertising Week. AICP Golf Committee member Phil McIntyre was part of a fortunate foursome that won gift cards to the Pro Shop for having the lowest score with their handicaps. Although the weather was far from ideal, everyone was able to golf, and the rain managed to hold off across most of the event. The golf outing ultimately served as a benefit for Advertising Week youth and diversity initiatives and also supported the AICP Foundation.

From left,
Michael Porte, EP with The Field
Phil McIntyre, CEO of PGM Artists & The Brand Gallery
Susan Holden, CFO of The Barbarian Group
Gary Giambalvo, EP with The Studio

“It is always great to help out worthy causes and support The AICP. The outing was a great chance to catch up with industry friends and colleagues- I am looking forward to next years outing … in Greenwich.” -Philip McIntyre

July 22, 2010 2010 Summer Associates

Chelsey Warner

After the horrible nightmare that was Craigslist, the 8 and a half hour drive from Cleveland to Connecticut in my newly acquired stick-shift car and the 45 minute, 12 mile commute on I-95 at 8:00 in the morning, I arrived to my first day of work at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists in Greenwich, CT. I ran into a fellow intern outside on the sidewalk and we exchanged nervous glances before opening the door and entering the unknown creative world of branding identity. Nothing could have prepared us for the extensive research jobs, the continuous management of the office, the innumerable business calls, the production planning and above all, the impossible, efficient handling of the phones and reception responsibilities.

But what I really hadn?t been prepared for was all the help I received along the way. Sure I was thrown into things and left struggling under a torrential flood of responsibility more immense than the BP oil spill in the Gulf, but there was always someone to grab my hand and help me wade through each “disaster.” After a certain point, I realized that this is what a business does. You are supposed to take chances, give everything your all and make silly mistakes, because regardless of what you do, you will come out proud of your accomplishments if you never hold back. And that is probably the most important thing I learned this summer.

I realized how lucky I was to shadow three brilliant and prominent figures in this immense media industry and how fortunate it was (for me at least) to be stuck in the same small office with them day in and day out. From planning The Brand Gallery’s first official Summer Beer Blast, to designing and shooting a new gossip site, to volunteering at the AICP show in the city, to abstractly thinking of ideas for a Slayter Box sculpture to present to Denison, and memorizing prominent faces in our industry on flashcards like something out of “The Devil Wears Prada” resulted in me never having a dull moment. I was always excited to come to the office, grab a cup of coffee, talk about the Bachelorette, frantically move our cars around, plan for our weekly, Friday lunches ordered out, sit down at a mac and get to work.

I am going to miss not coming to 205 Railroad Avenue every Monday through Friday, and what is more, I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of this industry. This internship exceeded all my expectations and helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. I think I finally know now where I want my life to go, and for that, I will always be thankful to everyone here for giving me this incomparable opportunity. To Phil, Iain and Sophie, Sloewengart, Yue and Kelley, thank you!

Kelley Burke

Interning at The Brand Gallery has been an invaluable experience and has not only allowed me to dip my feet into the branding and marketing industry but has also enabled me to learn lifelong skills that will be indispensable for me in the working world after my next and last year at Denison. Ten weeks ago, I was a naive intern who would jump every time the phone rang, but as the internship progressed, I felt comfortable taking on more demanding and important tasks such as calling prominent architectural firms, speaking up in client meetings, and taking point with the other interns on developing an entertainment news website from scratch.

After missing my first interview due to unpredictable spring weather and then having to push forward my second scheduled interview by an hour, the interviewing process was anything but easy. The internship that followed was also challenging, but in the best way possible.

Over the course of the internship, I perfected and polished my phone etiquette, became more than familiar with the New York Times, learned how to research and find prominent men and women in the industry, navigated my way through the computer system, created production and procedural binders, and helped with any other tasks I could get my hands on. These “basic” tasks were intermixed with opportunities such as listening in on conference calls and meetings; I was following and watching deals being made before my very eyes. Hands down the most rewarding experience was attending the prestigious AICP awards show in NYC, which created an opportunity to meet the most influential and creative people in the industry, not to mention volunteering is rewarding in itself.

Spending the summer at 205 Railroad Avenue in Greenwich, just minutes away from my home in NY, was an amazing and unforgettable experience that not only taught me about the industry, but inspired me to explore further. Whether I was cutting hedges outside, creating a green screen for a photoshoot, or speaking with directors at an awards show, I was always enjoying myself and appreciating the realistic portrayal of a 9-6 job that The Brand Gallery provided. Through teamwork, communication, and a willingness to learn from my witty co-workers, I believe my time at The Brand Gallery was not only extremely enjoyable but also successful in expanding my knowledge and interests. I’ve had a memorable experience and I cannot wait to check up on The Brand Gallery in the future as well as go back to school with three new incredible friends.

Yue Nakayama

I knew that I was going to have a great experience interning at The Brand Gallery in Greenwich, CT this summer, but the feeling really hit home after I hung up the phone with my friend who is doing an internship at a major film production company in Los Angeles. My friend complained to me that he has only seen his boss for maybe a total 15 minutes after 8 weeks of hard work. His boss is very scary, he only gets to do those small office tasks, and sometimes he just gets so bored. Fortunately these things never happened to me while I was interning at The Brand Gallery.

I was so nervous before I started the internship because this was my first internship and I didn’t know what I should do. However, Phil McIntyre, the CEO welcomed us warmly along with Iain Greenway the Creative Director. Sophie Sadat-Ketabchi the Production Manager, taught us everything step by step in the first week, so I didn’t have to sit in front of the desk and wondering what I should do for the rest of the weeks. I got to learn basic office work, tasks, reception duties, and was also able to get involved in conference calls with the clients. We even got to organize the Summer Beer Blast, the summer party presented by the company and volunteer at AICP show at MoMA.

As a Studio Art and Cinema double major student, Phil strongly encouraged me to work on design and video projects. He gave me the designing job for the internal office use project and some of them were challenging, but I learned so much artistic and technical skills by completing them. We also got to create a parody video of The Bachelorette and The Office, and also were involved with the production and shooting of TDT, a new website project. I was interested in designing things, but had never taken any design classes, and I never knew the knowledge and technical skills that I had was enough to do some design. Therefore, I really appreciate that Phil gave me the opportunity to be involved with designing projects and I really improved my skills by completing each project.

I definitely learned so many things and gained many very important experiences by completing this internship. I feel like I was so lucky to be able to work as an intern and my first internship the summer of 2010 will be a great part of my memory for many years to come.

Sophie Loewengart

My time at The Brand Gallery has flown by. I cannot believe that I’ve been here nearly 10 weeks. The internship experience here was undoubtedly an experience that I will never forget. I learned so much and got to do things that I never thought I would do!

One project that stands out the most from the summer was preparing and eventually executing a video shoot. I got to work in the many sides of production: brainstorming ideas, interacting with clients via conference calls and personal meetings, acting, and digital editing-all fun and fulfilling work indeed. It was so rewarding to be a part of a project, working in all of the steps involved, and realizing a final product.

On a regular basis, I got to speak with individuals from all over the globe and work closely with The Brand Gallery executives, learning the inner workings of the media industry business. What I liked most about The Brand Gallery was its intimate office setting that controlled such a large scope of work quite handily. It was not only a great learning experience, but I was continuously impressed with the work culture here every day. The executives-Phil, Sophie, and Iain had impressed me and in turn I truly enjoyed being around them. With Phil’s tireless work ethic and social butterfly skills, Sophie’s mission for perfection, and Iain’s creative lead, the Brand Gallery bunch is extraordinary. I was lucky and honored to be apart of it this summer.

The skills I learned here will not only be invaluable to my professional future, but they will certainly be useful to any venture in my life from here forward. I am sad about leaving The Brand Gallery, but also excited to hear about its upcoming projects and achievements, as well as carrying on the lessons and memories I’ve gained there.