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September 21, 2009 “See You In Copenhagen” Short Films Launched at Climate Week NYC


New York, NY – United Nations Foundation President Tim Wirth today unveiled “See You in Copenhagen,” a short-film series highlighting the need for strong and immediate action on climate change. The first installment in the series was broadcast at the beginning of the Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony, where United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Danish Minister of Climate and Energy Connie Hedegaard, actor Hugh Jackman, and others addressed the urgent need to reach a new global agreement to combat climate change. The films, supported by the UN Foundation and the Global Campaign for Climate Action, were directed by Gabriel London and produced by Colleen Hard, both of Found Object Films. They are designed to raise public awareness and support civic engagement in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark this December.

“As these film so vividly demonstrate, the world and our future are gravely at risk from climate change. The UN talks in Copenhagen mark a special moment in time – an opportunity to move forward toward a new climate agreement and a new round of economic growth based on the transition to clean energy. These films can help build the political will to make that happen,” said Reid Detchon, Vice President, Energy and Climate, United Nations Foundation.

“What a campaign like ‘See You in Copenhagen’ does is bring home to viewers the opportunities and hopes wrapped up in Copenhagen by showing portraits of Copenhagen ‘stakeholders’; from green industry leaders whose businesses will benefit from a fair and binding climate deal, to the very people who will lose their homes and livelihoods if a deal is not struck, and climate change persists unchecked. In the eyes of the those featured, Copenhagen is the Olympic city of climate change, and it is to this great meeting of nations that the world should turn its attention to ensure a climate deal emerges as victor,” said Gabriel London.

The short films, which will also be on display at the United Nations building and at different events across New York this week, feature real-life people whose stories are each a piece of the Climate Change ‘policy puzzle’: Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist Stephen Schneider, green industry leader Shai Agassi, grassroots activist Manoel Silva de Cunha and Dessima Williams, Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States.

Just 70 days remain before those negotiations and Climate Week NYC represents dozens of events and forums in New York this week to provide a platform for business, government and citizens to demonstrate their support for world leaders to secure a global deal in Copenhagen.

The films highlighting Crispin Thump’s participation in the ‘See You in Copenhagen’ campaign as part of COP 15, can be viewed here and here.

Additional information can be found here.

September 15, 2009 2009 Summer Associates

The summer of 2009 found The Brand Gallery in a new Greenwich, Connecticut home with a fresh and eager cast of interns biting at the bit to prove themselves worthy of such an esteemed company. Of course, they proved themselves across the board as a fun but hard working group, and their presence will be sorely missed.

In May, The Brand Gallery received its production and sales interns for the summer: Katie, Shelley, Ally, Erik and Victoria – three undergraduates from Denison University, one from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and one from Ohio Wesleyan University, respectively. They were soon joined by an additional design intern, Pete a student from Parson’s School of Design who joined junior designer Louis Wesolowsky, once a design intern as well. With this diverse gathering of bright, young minds, The Brand Gallery’s transition to its new environment was smooth, to say the least. Now with the summer coming to a close, let’s take a look at their reflections over the past few months.
Allyson Churchwell

My summer internship at The Brand Gallery was an incredible learning experience. I was able to have hands-on participation in the production, sales and design facets, thanks to the help of all the eager and willing staff who were committed to seeing my time there as productive. I had a completely active role in the production processes of the several exciting projects that The Brand Gallery was managing, and had the opportunity to oversee public relations for The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists.

During my six weeks interning at The Brand Gallery, I was able to use my skills, including my knowledge of the French language, to contribute to the team’s initiatives, especially with AFRICA24, a project whose integrity had me invested from the start. I feel as though the staff trusted me with important tasks, and that made me feel as though I were just as integral a member as anyone else. From writing press releases to making sales calls (and even getting a lead), from learning about PGM Artists’ clients (and entertaining Danish visitors from Thank You) to hauling several office chairs in my SUV for repair, The Brand Gallery really is a fast-paced and exciting environment.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about the industry from media and design-savvy people, especially in the competitive nature of this business. The team was wonderful and refreshing, and even though I knew it was going to be sink or swim, the team never failed to encourage me, provide constructive criticism, and make me feel welcome. I’m confident that my accomplishments during my six weeks at The Brand Gallery have been a positive contribution that will keep the momentum rolling for further impressive achievements.
Erik Klaeboe

Before I came to the Brand Gallery for a summer of interning, I wasn’t sure where my education, let alone my life, was taking me. I was an impressionable yet somewhat stupefied young man when faced with the reality that seemed to be staring me right in the face. I hoped that my tenure at this wonderful new company would help to steer my sights in the right direction, absorbing experiences and relationships I would carry with me for a long time to come. Now some 12 weeks later, I can look back at the blood, sweat and tears I poured into TBG and I am content and satisfied that I am leaving this company a better place.

While I wasn’t a full time intern like Katie, Shelley and Ally, or Sophie, Katie, and Louis before them, I felt I still had plenty of opportunities to contribute to the success of The Brand Gallery in whatever shape or form. Whether it was helping ease the transition from Manhattan to the Greenwich suburbs with a part time role as superintendent of the grounds, or even giving a helping hand to my fellow interns and production department, I made it my mission to do my duties to the best of my ability. Some days were longer than others, but being surrounded with such a kind, creative and hardworking group of people made me quickly forget the tough times, and truly embrace this unique environment where the best minds and tools are found on any given day.

I will admit I was terribly nervous when I first started, having no idea what to expect, yearning for the chance to prove to everyone that I could fit in. In my angst I remember asking Sophie during the first week, “What should I do if there’s nothing left to do?” She gave a quick laugh and an even quicker response, “That shouldn’t ever happen.” As time went on, I realized she wasn’t joking. As interns began to depart and my desk got more disorganized, the to-do list ever being added to, I truly understood.

On the surface, one may find it hard to identify how much hard work is given in order to achieve the success and good standing The Brand Gallery maintains in the design and marketing community. Staying late with Phil also taught me a valuable lesson about work ethic and the drive to get things done that only some can be blessed with through their own experiences. All I know is that my time here has left me a better person, with the confidence and maturity to set out into the world and make my mark. I can only hope it is one as defined as The Brand Gallery.
Katie Steinharter

Around 500 contacts later, I have finally completed my data entry. After seven weeks at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, I have managed to enter an additional 500 useful people and companies into our database as well as send out emails to every one of them. Mostly international contacts, this gave me great perspective on the range of broadcast networks and ad agencies that exist in our world. I was only exposed to a select number of corporations and yet I have learned a lot about international sales.

This summer I have discovered the power of cyberspace. With obstacles such as language barriers and time zones, email manages to overcome these difficulties and allow us to reach out to further points in the world. I was able to communicate with people in Denmark, Germany, France, and England, just to name a few. I learned how to successfully display our graphic designs in a way that would appeal to an international audience, while simultaneously making local calls to set up meetings with ad agencies in New York.

At times tedious, but often rewarding, the data entry portion of my second summer at PGM and TBG was just the beginning. At the new office in Greenwich, I also began to use the data and my research as stepping-stones for attempting to make sales and establish my first lead. I have further deepened my understanding of the goals behind PGM and TBG, as well as the relation between the two companies. I feel as though I have expanded on my initial summer internship and branched out more towards The Brand Gallery side of the office, in regards to sales as well as small details such as researching prices for reel envelope sleeves.
Louis Wesolowsky

Having the opportunity to intern at The Brand Gallery has been the most rewarding and positive experience I have had as a designer and young professional. I truly could not have asked for more. After 6 months of interning at The Brand Gallery I was hired as a junior designer. Everyday I sit at my desk I am overcome by incredible gratitude and a deep respect for this position and company.

Televisa was the first job I worked on after being hired as a designer. It was both the most challenging and rewarding experience I have had to date. Diving into the sports arena was an entirely new venture for me. It was a process of slowly learning a new language. Everyone at The Brand Gallery was extremely instrumental in this process as they patiently taught me the nuances and intricacies of designing for sports media. Looking back to my original designs I can truly see how much everyone here has taught me in a short period of time. As well as being creatively challenging, this project also presented technical challenges to overcome. In order to build upon Iain Greenway’s vision for the Televisa Sports Network I had to learn a completely new 3D software package. Most nights I would get home at 9 o’clock and study tutorials and research what ever particular obstacle I was presented with for the next day. It was a lot of hard work but being challenged and pushing oneself is what makes an artist grow stronger and that is my favorite part of working at The Brand Gallery.

Another challenge was the office move. Originally located in the West Village my commute was only an hour and a half. It was very convenient being only one stop on the Path Train so I was initially not looking forward to the move to Greenwich, CT. It was hard work moving furniture and unpacking all of the equipment but that was easy in comparison to my 4 hour daily commute. Despite the long drive it was really rewarding to help move an entire office and I have now grown to really like Connecticut. These last 9 months have been packed with more adventure, learning and opportunity then I could have ever imagined. Everyday I am excited to learn new techniques, enhance my sense of design and grow with The Brand Gallery. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and to everyone involved with this company.
Peter Kearney

Working at The Brand Gallery this summer has given me insight into how the industry works and what is needed to succeed in a creative career. Originally when I came out to Greenwich, Connecticut I did not know the area or the working environment I would be in. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful my coworkers were with not only showing me the workflow but also the town itself. Since then it seems the days have flown by due to the busy summer schedule.

During my time at The Brand Gallery I was given a large range of projects that helped expand my knowledge of the programs I use and also taught me how to work with other designers as a team. The rest of the staff was incredibly helpful in taking time to help me when I had a technical question and in critiquing my work when I was finalizing it. One project that sticks out in my memory is the design of the DVD montage cover. Picking stills and then working with the resolution to get the best look was tricky but seeing the final product was very rewarding. It was great to get out of the city for the summer, experience a new area, and meet all the people here at The Brand Gallery. I will be talking about this summer for a long time.
Shelley Pressman

With a tear in my eye and a smile across my face I leave The Brand Gallery. It is hard to believe that just ten weeks ago I became a reverse-commuter. When I first imagined my summer in New York City, I never thought my days would be spent out in Greenwich, Connecticut. However, The Brand Gallery’s recent relocation provided me with a unique experience that would not have been available to me in a New York based internship. Interning with The Brand Gallery gave me the opportunity to learn invaluable office skills and insight into the business of brand imaging.

Every morning and evening, I had the joyful of experience of commuting with Katie Northy, account executive, and Sophie Sadat-Ketabchi, production manager, which provided me with the chance to better know my co-workers and gain more insight into their work. Before I started my internship on May 18th, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. My fears were soon assuaged as Philip McIntyre warmly welcomed my fellow interns and me into the office. I got off to a bit of a rocky start with answering the phones but once I got the hang of all the basic procedures, I was ready to fully dive into my experience.

I worked closely with the other interns and Sophie to “Connecticutify” the office. This gave me a true appreciation for every detail that has to be monitored to properly manage an office. After encountering a few problems with our server, we all worked hard to ensure that all the past projects were properly archived. Working with the tape archive and firewire drives allowed me to see and understand more of the extensive work that goes into a project. After viewing all the past projects The Brand Gallery has worked on, I was curious to see how a project actually comes into fruition. I had the lucky opportunity to see a few projects go through multiple stages. I conducted research for ongoing projects with helped me truly understand the though process that is required to start on a project. I helped prepare a few presentations and even gave my input on different designs.

After helping set up presentations, I sat in on conference calls presenting the projects to the client. This proved to be a valuable experience as I saw how the work of everyone in the office came together. I also learned how to explain the presentation to a client in a way that leads the client through the presentation while allowing the client to express his or her opinion.

I think my favorite part of my internship was the close relationships I formed with my fellow coworkers. I felt that in this smaller office setting my work actually made a meaningful contribution to the work of The Brand Gallery. I am proud to have been included in The Brand Gallery’s family this summer and look forward to seeing their upcoming projects!
Victoria Chimblo

I came into The Brand Gallery as the girl from Ohio Wesleyan University. I was entering an office full of graduates and other interns all from Denison University, our biggest rival. A little intimidated I did not know what to expect from this internship. As I walked to my interview I thought that I didn’t want to spend my summer as an intern in the corner of an office, filing. When I walked into the office I knew that it was going to be a completely different experience. This office was bright and open with a welcoming staff that I knew I could work with.

Everyday was different, learning new things and taking on new tasks. I did a lot of research, which not only let me learn about different companies but let me be involved in new projects that The Brand Gallery was starting. I spent some days archiving, filing or working on little projects that allowed me to learn more about the production and creative process that went into this business.

I had an enjoyable summer at The Brand Gallery not only because there is so much to learn here but because of the people that I was working with. Even though I was the youngest of all the interns we all got along and became friends. I was able to work with each member of the staff, which allowed me to explore different aspects of the company from the design and production to the sales and branding.

My internship at the Brand Gallery was a great experience. I started the summer wanting to learn about the production and advertising business and working in an office-like environment and both of those things happened. The Brand Gallery let me inside the world of production and design and allowed me gave me a better understanding of this industry.