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July 29, 2008 Introducing El Lobo Rojo…



His name is Phil St. Millay. He’s the ambitious head of a gaming company and the protagonist of a new online series entitled El Lobo Rojo.

Conceived and produced by the NY-based creative team Hart+Larsson El Lobo Rojo tells the story of the mercurial Phil St. Millay, whose company is preparing to launch a revolutionary new video game. Although Phil’s new game promises to make him rich, fulfilling such promise becomes something of a precarious pursuit.

Playing the lead role of Phil St. Millay is PGM Artists’ very own Phil McIntyre.

To watch promo videos and download full episodes visit:


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July 29, 2008 2008 Intern Summer

This summer, Google and Yahoo discussed a merge, InBev bought out Anheuser Busch and the new iPhone influenced mass production of other smartphones. Meanwhile, Facebook and Myspace still competed as they renovated their sites, US civilians fought harder than ever against gas prices, and Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton butted heads in the Democratic Party. Amidst all this, four Denison students moved into an unfamiliar city and formed unpredictably rewarding relationships with each other and with PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery:

Katie Steinharter

After ten weeks of interning in New York City, I can hardly believe that it’s over. On May 19th I worried about what to wear, whether I would make a good impression, if I would remember how to get to the office, where I would take my lunch break, among a thousand other things – only to take the wrong subway, get lost, and take a taxi back up to the West Village where I arrived at work five
minutes late. Needless to say, I was terrified that I had blown it already, especially as I was the youngest person in the office by far and knew that I had a lot to live up to.

However, ten weeks later, I have become more than comfortable at 134-A Charles Street. I have learned a lot and also developed friendships with people I never thought I would get to know. Along with the staff and other interns at PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery, I have met numerous people involved in the media industry and have discovered why New York has the cliche attached to it that it
seems like an entire country within a city. While interning here I have explored this city through rushing to deliver packages, ordering production equipment, “acting” in El Lobo Rojo, volunteering at the prestigious AICP Awards Show at the MOMA, shadowing meetings with new clients, buying costumes for a commercial shoot in the East Village, interviewing Promax BDA Conference attendees in Midtown… and taking an hour off once in a while to meet friends or family for lunch and brag about my day. This summer, I have gotten to know this city better than I ever did during the past five years that I have lived just an hour away in Weston, Connecticut.

While I never even expected to be offered an internship as a recent freshman, I definitely never expected to have such a rewarding experience when I finally got the opportunity. PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery encouraged me to try things I never thought to try before, and allowed me to learn more about the world of advertising than any college class or lecture could ever explain to me. I learned the difference between on-screen and in-print news stories, and how to create both. As naive as I was, I had no idea at the beginning of this summer exactly how news presenters, ad agencies, brand names, consumers, and sales reps were all interrelated and dependent on each other. Through working alongside Phil McIntyre and his staff, I came to memorize our roster of directors, producers, web designers, freelancers, musicians, and editors, and exactly what each of them specializes in. Through meticulous data entry, I learned which ad agencies were most renowned and which 30 second TV spots were worth recognition at the AICP Awards.

If one were to ask me what the best part of my summer was, I would not be able to choose a single moment but if I had to choose the worst part – I would say the fact that it flew by faster than I ever anticipated. With my internship experience at PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery behind me, I am prepared to go back to Denison University with a stronger idea of what I want out of my Communications major and Studio Art minor and I know that I have an office full of enthusiastic people, in the heart of the West Village, willing to support and advise me in any future endeavors.

Will Scott

Working at PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery has provided me with a great learning experience in the working world. When I first came to New York City to begin my summer internship I had no idea how to operate in the big city on a day to day basis. After my first day on Charles Street, I quickly learned how to get into a routine for the rest of the summer. As the intern who started a week late, I was a little behind in all of the introductive stuff we would soon use as tools for the rest of the summer. This being only a minor setback, I became a fast learner and got into the full swing of things.

Once I got into my routine, I began to learn way more than I thought I would. I learned so much about the different part of the industry like marketing, branding, and advertising. The most interesting part of my day was that I never knew where I would be stationed each day. Whether it was making changes to the lead lists, learning how to make sales calls, or updating slayterbox1748.com on the PGM Artists side of the office, I always had my hands full with daily tasks. It was also nice that I got to work on The Brand Gallery side of the office and help out with projects by organizing the presentation packages and upload videos we made of interviewing advertisers and marketers around the city.

One of the most exciting things I got to do was go onto a commercial shoot with one of the directors that PGM Artists represents. I got to see how they prepare a scene and make sure the lighting, camera, and sound are all on the same page. I also got to volunteer at AICP and see all of the top people in the industry at MOMA. We also went to Promax BDA and stood outside with our camera and microphone in hand and were able to interview people who work in many different parts of the industry. Finally I got to be a part of an online show called El-Lobo-Rojo. The creative team of Hart+Larsson came to yhe office everyday for about a week and a half and shot a show with Phil and some actors. All of the interns were able to help out with the production as well as have cameos in some of the episodes which were very cool.

This internship has allowed me to help figure out my eventual career path. It has given me the experience of a real 9 to 6, Monday through Friday, work week and I have learned so much about the industry that I never could have learned in the classroom. It makes it even better that I got to work in the Big Apple for the whole summer and that is what gave it even more of a work environment where everything is so busy.

I can’t express how thankful I am for being able to have a summer internship where I have really benefitted from all the experience I have gained. I have seen so much and learned so much. It also doesn’t hurt that I got to work in the West Village and came face to face with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Natalie Portman. It was a great summer experience that I could have not gotten anywhere else.

Maggie Jaus

I stepped into the office at 134-A Charles Street on my first day in anticipation of the summer ahead,
but also with many expectations for the great experience being presented to me. I will leave this
Friday, 10 weeks later, with an experience that far exceeded those expectations, and in hopes that I
have left some, albeit small, mark on the place that has definitely left a big mark on me.

I leave The Brand Gallery, with its amazing sales team and staff of producers and designers, truly
confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained give me an all important edge for my future
endeavors. Not only do the people here work with such passion and professionalism, but they have all
made it a point to provide me with as many opportunities and experiences as possible. As an intern
in this branding industry one will always face challenges, whether it be with oneself, the task at hand
or various bumps throughout the production process. However, the challenges I faced within the
creative work environment at The Brand Gallery gave me the ability to grow and take the very most
from each and every experience. I have honed my basic office skills like binding production books,
managing phones and schedules, and other basic office duties. I have become familiar with
production tools like QuickTime, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and Sorenson Squeeze. I have
uploaded and posted to Blog sites and Web pages, researched and developed personal opinions about
media and market trends, and drafted several press releases. The four of us also took part in the
filming of an office Webisode, El Lobo Rojo, directed by Hart + Larsson.

Moreover, being on the production side of the company allowed me an in-depth look at the creative
process, start to finish. In addition to the numerous jobs The Brand Gallery is currently shuffling, my
fellow interns and I had the privilege to see A24, the world’s first-ever African international news
channel, conceptualized, pitched and branded. I have seen how a company interacts and develops
strong relationships with its clients and just how important that is to a successful production process.
I have sat in on several client meetings, which gave me that first-hand look at the business aspects
of the branding industry. One of the most exciting things I got to do this summer was travel out to a
meeting at a potential project site, video recording and taking notes every step of the way. Beyond
even that, I was able to spend a day on-set for a Streamline Content (represented by PGM Artists)
commercial shoot for Hewlett Packard.

This internship has been a learning experience every step of the way. With the support of my fellow
interns and the staff here, I have been able to do and see so much. I will always remember the time
the four of us volunteered at the AICP Awards at the MoMA and all the other great times that
followed. I have had so much fun doing what I have been doing, and am truly going to remember the
people and the experience forever.

Byron Hughey

I knew right away I would enjoy working at The Brand Gallery. A beautiful office loaded with sophisticated equipment, a casual environment and a friendly staff was something I immediately appreciated. And though I was excited to be working in New York City, making coffee, taking out the trash and painting the walls was something I expected, but not what I wanted to get out of my ten-week internship. It wasn’t until volunteering at the 2008 AICP Awards at the Museum of Modern Art that a true appreciation of my opportunity developed.

Often described as “the Oscars of Advertising,” the AICP Awards were exciting, to say the least, and gave me even more reason to really take advantage of what The Brand Gallery had to offer. Under the guidance of Phil, Iain and the rest of the staff, I was able to have a really productive experience by participating in and studying The Brand Gallery’s creative process.

The creative process was an area of The Brand Gallery that fascinated me from day one, so the opportunity to actually work with the staff on projects like Homeostasis Labs and Africa24 was very fulfilling. But as my understanding of the creative process grew, so did my appreciation for other aspects of the company.

While exploring The Brand Gallery’s creative avenues, a natural interest in marketing both The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists surfaced. Soon, I was updating both The Brand Gallery and the PGM Artists website, along with its blog, Slayterbox1748, where I got the opportunity to edit footage and to do a bit of writing. As an English major and fellow blogger, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute.

After a while, my juggling act soon transformed into a daily routine, and everyday I would learn more about design and the creative process through research and note-taking, while also blogging and editing footage. I even went to a PGM Artist’s commercial shoot where I got to see, first hand, just how commercials are made.

Spending a summer at The Brand Gallery introduced me to a very specific arena of the advertising industry, one that not only fascinated me, but inspired me as well. Because of the truly hands-on experience Phil, Iain and the rest of the staff at The Brand Gallery offer their summer associates, it is with unparalleled certainty that my summer was spent in a more productive and beneficial way than I could have imagined.

Of course, it was not after crawling through my first couple weeks that I reached a point where I felt I could truly contribute to the company. So, my advice to any future summer associate is to jump in head first and absorb as much information and insight as you can from Phil, Iain and the rest of The Brand Gallery staff because even though ten weeks seems like a long time, it goes by in a flash.

2008 Summer Intern Celebration
All here at PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery headed out to Agave in the West Village for a much deserved celebration! With the company of great food and drinks, everyone enjoyed the evening as we all talked about all the memorable times throughout the 10-week program.


July 18, 2008 Two PGM Artists Clients Refurbish Websites

PGM Artists clients Bridge Street Films and Dreams Factory have launched new websites.

Bridge Street Films’ Executive Producer John Ficalora hosts a roster of three directors-Christopher Yurkow, Liz Hinlein, and Sash Andranikian. Their new website boasts colorful images of their work as well as an organized layout and individual pages for each live action director.


Dream Factory, based out of Richmond, consists of Director Sunny Zhao and Producer Tim Dowdle. Their website renovations include a brighter homepage and news updates about recent work, including work done for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection “Millions” campaign and a short film called Light and Darkness.