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June 26, 2008 PGM’s McIntyre Delivers Big Names to PromaxBDA North America Conference

PromaxBDA, the world’s premier association for promotion and marketing professionals
working in electronic and broadcast media, just concluded its annual 3-day North American conference at the Hilton New York. Among the highlights of this year’s event was a special session, Measuring Risk & Reward in 2.0 Marketing, produced and moderated by Phil McIntyre, CEO of The Brand Gallery & PGM Artists.

McIntyre gathered leaders from a wide range of business sectors for a lively examination of the industry’s biggest successes and failures, while offering insights into the balancing of risk and reward in interactive media, and explaining how to profit from the power of 2.0 marketing, social networking, and user-generated content.

The Panel:
- Robert Driscoll  РPartner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
- Seth Geiger – President, SmithGeiger Research Consulting
- Dick Glover – CEO, Funny or Die
- John McCauley – CMO, CSTV
- Betsy Morgan – CEO, The Huffington Post
- John Sykes – Principal, The Pilot Group

“I consider it a privilege to have assembled these business leaders for PromaxBDA,” said McIntyre. “It’s a watershed time in media, and the transition to 2.0 can be treacherous. Who better to turn to for guidance than the people who are out front, defining success in this challenging new world.”

By all accounts, the session was a huge success and a follow-up for next year’s conference
is already in development. DVDs of the session can be obtained from PromaxBDA at promaxbda.org.

June 11, 2008 McIntyre Announces Flurry of Signings for 2008 Summer Roster

Chemistry, Comotion, Inovat & Subliminal Join Roster

Phil McIntyre, CEO of PGM Artists, reports recently signing several new key players in the areas of creative editorial, interactive web design and high end live action resources. This expands upon PGM’s current roster of exceptional creative companies.


Chemistry, a New York based creative editorial company, is comprised of six diverse and talented editors. The editors at Chemistry have produced award-winning spots, including Magazanin’s “Amexicano” ad which won the Grand Jury Prize in 2008, and Rubino’s help with the Saatchi & Saatchi anti-cyberbullying campaign that won the 2007/2008 Grand Award. Home to these current editors: Bruce Ashkinos, Beth Cramer, Ilya Magazanin, Damien Massingham, Peter Mostert and Jim Rubino.


Comotion Films, a commercial production company based in Atlanta, has directed commercials for Pizza Hut, Ford, Capital One, American General, TNT, Sonic, and many more. Home to directors John Davis, Glen Owen and Stephen Moe.


Inovat creatively designs, produces, and manages multimedia websites. Their work includes interactive flash websites, presentations, and games as well as desktop applications, email campaigns, and internet marketing management. Inovat’s award-winning work has been recognized in the website and online marketing categories of the Davey Awards for the past few years.


Subliminal Pictures is a full service live action production company based in Los Angeles specializing in commercials and branded entertainment. Since its inception in 2005, Subliminal has produced spots in the US and across the globe for Aquafina, Mattel, Pepsi, Plavix, Pacific Life, Final Draft, Buena Vista Games, Expedia, Microsoft, AMD, Scion, Chevrolet, Upper Deck, LA Times, Rubbermaid and Bose. Executive Produced by Steven Gould and Dina Mande.

June 10, 2008 McIntyre Asked To Moderate Promax|BDA Panel, June 17-19 2008

McIntyre Assembles All-Star Panel to Discuss Risk & Reward in Web 2.0 Marketing


Measuring Risk & Reward in 2.0 Marketing
4pm Thursday June 19, 2008 in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton New York

From local stations to international media institutions, television entities are poised to profit from the power of 2.0 marketing, social networking and user-generated content. But where are the opportunities and how have companies succeeded in harnessing their potential? McIntyre will take attendees on a journey through the industry’s biggest 2.0 successes and failures and provide insight into balancing risk and reward in interactive media.

As we see the true affects of shrinking audiences in traditional media take hold, entertainment marketers are engaging high level integrated 2.0 strategies now more than ever. How are the many metrics of successful brand building being redefined in today’s new media landscape and how are executives best measuring the risks and rewards for their agendas?

Panel Guests:

Betsy L. Morgan: Chief Executive Officer, The Huffington Post
John McCauley: Chief Marketing Officer, CSTV
Robert Driscoll: Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Dick Glover: Chief Executive Officer, Funny or Die
Seth Geiger: President, SmithGeiger Research Consulting
John Sykes: Principle, Pilot Group


Philip G. McIntyre: Chief Executive Officer, The Brand Gallery & PGM Artists

Highly-respected for his thoughtful insights into emerging media trends, McIntyre is also well-known for his keen eye for talent and thorough knowledge of production technologies and methodologies.

The Brand Gallery specializes in the development of Brand architecture & design for screen media, having created presentation, promotion, and design strategies for some of the world’s most-recognized media brands. PGM Artists is best described by its mantra: Connecting Creative Companies. It serves as a conduit that links a broad-based consortium of visual effects, animation and live-action production companies with the media companies and advertising agencies that seek these services.
Promax|BDA is the world’s largest television marketing conference attracting industry leaders and executives form top television networks, cable channels, local stations, station groups, distribution, syndication, media and creative agency, design and emerging media. (Promax|BDA website)

Last year the conference welcomed over 3,500 attendees from around the globe, including more than 700 local station executives from over 150 television markets in the United States. The delegation is made up of television marketing professionals who are tasked with driving the value of entertainment by finding new and innovative ways of attracting audiences to their parent companies’ networks, stations and brands. The aim of the organization is to lead the international conversation about the role of marketing, promotion and design in the monetization of media.