"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." ~Unknown

July 28, 2006 The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists Conclude 2006 Summer Internship Program

What a difference ten weeks can make. On Monday, May 22nd, four Denison University undergraduates – Samantha Calastro ’07, Kimmy Freeman ’07, Thomas Perkins ’08, and Sophie Sadat-Ketabchi ’07 – arrived at the New York City studios of The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists for a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to the worlds of branding, advertising, and marketing.

Anyone who has been an intern will tell you that being thrown into the deep end of this pool can be a daunting experience. By any objective measure, these four undergrads rose to the occasion in a big way and, on Friday, July 28th, left New York with new skill sets, new levels of confidence and, most importantly, an enduring appreciation for what it takes to be successful in business, and in life.

CEO Phil McIntyre summed it up best. “They gave every bit as good as they got. It was both a pleasure and a privilege to watch them evolve right before our eyes, and we’ll continue to monitor their progress with great interest and anticipation. I expect big things from each of them.”

The interns were asked to share their experiences in their own words…

Samantha Calastro

These past 10 weeks at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists has been a mixture of hard work and memorable experiences. I have learned more about the marketing and branding industry in addition to myself through the daily challenges presented. My knowledge and capabilities have expanded resulting in a stronger confidence in the working world. I can remember 10 weeks ago to the first day being overwhelmed with the responsibilities being placed and doubt in my mind that I could not do it. However, in my final days at TBG and PGM, I am secure in balancing a few projects at once and successfully completing all of them at my best ability.

I have had the privilege of observing and working with the different departments in the office to receive a well rounded experience. Working on the production and designer side has been most valuable to me. The producers and designers have taught me a lot and been a positive role models with their knowledge and experiences. Through their help, I have learned more about design programs on Mac’s and I have received responsibilities to put my new knowledge to work while working on the strip booklet. The experience has helped me have a better idea of what areas I might like to pursue after graduation.

In addition to the knowledge I gained in the office, I will be taking away with me an even greater knowledge of the current business world state at large. It was my daily responsibility to read the New York Times, specifically the Business Day section. In the beginning I thought the task was simply to make myself more informed and enlighten my coworkers what I have read in the paper. However, after a few weeks I started looking at my task differently and began to find common trends. The macro trend I found involves confidence is dropping as consumer prices are rising which has created a slow economic growth resulting in huge competition between businesses to make profits and stand out. The competition has made companies merge together or search for the right advertising combination to regain public support. At the Lyceum Conference discussing marketing strategies for the beer and beverage industry paralleled the work I had spent on regarding the trends. This experience is one of the most memorable through my 10 weeks because I was able to connect work I had done with the discussion between thirteen experts and I was able to keep up with the debate which surprised me. I feel very fortunate to of been part of that experience and I took a lot away from it.

Overall, my 10 weeks at TBG and PGM Artists has been very memorable through the things I learned and people I met. The professional, but fun and friendly atmosphere at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists has really made this internship remarkable. I will miss everyone at the company but hope our paths will cross again. I’d like to thank everyone for such a wonderful summer and making my experience at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists even better then I could have imagined.

Kimmy Freeman

When I began my internship at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists my knowledge and understanding of branding and the advertising industry did not extend far beyond the broad media and communications classes that I had taken as a liberal arts undergrad. I was excited to learn more about the industry but also nervous that I was not fully prepared to carry out all of the tasks necessary for the position. I had no idea at that point just how quickly I would pick up the skills required of me and gain a more comfortable grasp of the business simply by working in this fast-paced dynamic office.

Beginning on day one, all of the interns were given detailed instructions on how to perform all of the basic yet indispensable tasks that make a company operate efficiently. Making and updating spreadsheets, answering phones, scanning, faxing, labeling and shipping packages and countless other tasks to help ensure business was finished and delivered in a timely fashion all became second nature almost instantly. Each of these skills will be valuable in my future work experience, as they are useful and applicable in nearly every industry.

After becoming familiar with all of these duties, I was then able to work a bit more with the producers and designers and learn about the projects that they were all working on. Hearing what the producers were trying to achieve through their work and helping them research potential images to be compiled and used by the designers in their final projects was one of my favorite responsibilities over the course of the summer. It was amazing for me to see how a creative and talented team can make what begins as a simple idea grow and evolve into a complex identity for a brand or company.

In addition to the lessons that I learned through the company on a daily basis, I was able to see a glimpse of the industry outside of the office as well. The first event that I was able to attend to help get a feel for the industry was the SHOOT New Director’s Showcase. Featured in the showcase were around 20 directors working with a diverse range of companies. The numerous television ads shown allowed me to recognize how unique each director’s style truly is and why the role of PGM Artists is critical to ensure that companies are matched with directors who can represent them most wholly and accurately. A question and answer session after the show further revealed how the thought processes vary from director to director as well. Some of the directors that we were able to become familiar with during this event were also honored weeks later at the AICP Awards show hosted at MoMA which we were also fortunate enough to be a part of.
Throughout all of these experiences over the course of only 10 weeks, I feel as though my knowledge of the branding and marketing industry has improved significantly. I believe that the most important lessons that I will take from this job come from working with others to make sure that every task was completed as well as possible. Through communication, cooperation and a willingness to learn from all those around me, I believe that my time at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists was not only incredibly enjoyable but also successful and will be immensely helpful in all of my future business endeavors.

Thomas Perkins

The Brand Gallery/PGM Artists provided me with a fantastic internship this past summer. I have grasped the fundamentals of a fluctuating, fast-paced world of marketing and branding. I was part of a phenomenal team, composed of designers, producers, marketers, and other interns. Socially, the connections I made with these people are very strong. My responsibilities were challenging, but always didactic.

The marketing side of the company is called PGM Artists, while the branding side is The Brand Gallery, but the two operate in harmony. Mostly, I worked alongside the senior executive officers on the marketing side of the business. I did research, made inquiries, and shadowed their everyday-moves. It is amazing what one can sub-consciously pick up by simply “being in the atmosphere” for ten weeks. It is fulfilling to see that some of the research I supplied has catalyzed some key partnerships. While I accept the fact that an intern does not get much corporate responsibility, it is nice to know I have contributed positively, and I feel like my role was crucial.

Another productive aspect of my internship had to do with trends. For ten weeks, one of my fellow interns took notes on fascinating, pertinent facts in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Again, by reading the notes each day I subconsciously absorbed some interesting trends. For instance, while online advertising grew 35%, Newspaper print ads have only increased .3% this past year. However, I concluded that newspapers like the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune are generating ad revenue on their web sites to compensate for the print revenue trend plateau. I noticed that more and more commercials are targeting gay and lesbian audiences. Even Travel Agencies now target curved audiences in their campaigns. The advertising world, therefore, is evolving in a liberal direction. Twenty years ago this would have been unheard of.

Whether I was doing research on potential clients for PGM, or simply observing the production of Summer House, a show airing on ESPN, every aspect comprised a classy, remarkable epoch of my life. I’ll sorely miss everyone at the company, but I’ll never forget what I have gained. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be an intern here at PGM Artists/The Brand Gallery.

Sophie Sadat-Ketabchi

Interning between The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists this summer has epitomized what every college intern hopes their “big-city” internship to be. These two successful companies and the warm, insightful, productive team that pushes for their growth, have taught me immeasurable lessons about the working way of the corporate world and the importance of creativity in today’s society.

At The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists I have been exposed to numerous areas of the media, branding and advertising industries and have pulled ideas and skills from every responsibility presented to me. Towards the beginning of the internship I had the opportunity to conduct research for one of The Brand Gallery’s major summer projects, the opening prologue for the ABC Family original movie, “Fallen.” During these first few weeks I learned how to balance major responsibilities, never sacrificing creativity for efficiency and now understand the importance of innovation and attention to detail in the media industry!

Following this time of research, I had the opportunity to shadow The Brand Gallery’s production staff. Working side by side with the in-house and freelance producers has opened up a window of opportunity and presented me with a better notion of the characteristics of the career path I would like to pursue! Throughout the summer I have also had the chance to attend several industry events and conferences where I really experienced the energy, creativity and professionalism of the industries that The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists are a part of!

Essentially, my involvement with the internship program at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists this summer has been a positive push for me to mature personally and professionally. Everything that I have learned has been exciting and enriching, leading me to sincerely believe that I am leaving my summer intern position with the perfectly balanced equation for success as a young professional in this day’s working world.

Michael Queen

In January of 2006 when I moved out of Granville, Ohio and into Manhattan as part of my off campus study program, I had no idea what to expect. My task was to find an artist or artistic company relating to my field of work and get hired on as an intern for the spring semester of my junior year. In my search, I came across The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists. I immediately became interested in work they do, not only as a company in the mass media industry, but also as artists.

As I began my internship, working vigorously through the different departments within the companies, from office management, to PGM sales, production work, and design work, I quickly realized that The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists offer more than just branding and graphic design; they present the members of their company with the opportunity to grow. Not only did they push me to produce the best work I possibly could, but also encouraged me to evolve artistically and learn from those around me.

Working closely with PGM’s Chief Executive Officer Phil McIntyre and their sales executives, I learned more about selling a brand, an image, and a product to prospective buyers than I could have ever dreamed of. Moving quickly through lessons of company inquiries, image research, sales approach etiquette, and the overall trade of branding, PGM provided me with some of the key elements I would need to know for making a sale. When I moved to the design side of the company, The Brand Gallery, I was given the chance to experience the artistic environment first hand. I worked closely with the in-house and freelance designers and producers to create deliverables that could stand on their own. The incredibly talented creative team that The Brand Gallery was warm, welcoming and more than willing to give me all the insight they possibly could on the artistic aspects of today’s mass media.

After interning for a full semester at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists, I was given the opportunity to stay onboard as a fulltime summer intern. Of course, I immediately jumped at the prospect of remaining with the company. It was made clear that if I were to stay, my work would become more intricately involved. I understood that with this opportunity to further my education and knowledge came more responsibility. There were long hours, strict deadlines, and tough criticism all in the near future; and I could not have been more excited. Throughout the summer I worked alongside The Brand Gallery’s creative team to design product after product for clients with names that are known worldwide. I was also given the task of personally building a new ‘Recent Works’ reel for The Brand Gallery, which is currently in circulation. Every day I made sure to give it my all and to provide to the best of my artistic abilities, and The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists compensated me with an education that I would never have found elsewhere. For this, I could not be more thankful.

Tori Coppinger

Working at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists as a summer intern was a truly educational experience. I was so interested in learning more about the areas of marketing and advertising, and learned so much from the cosmopolitan office in the West Village of New York City.

Working closely with the production team to try and understand their methods that create the unique ‘media magic’ that comes from nothing less than meticulous attention to detail, and an experienced and cohesive staff and limitless creativity.

The entire staff from both PGM Artists and The Brand Gallery took the time to explain specific industry trends, and their implications for the company to me. The warm yet professional environment was the optimal for learning as a college undergraduate from a liberal arts college in Ohio.

This was truly an opportunity which augmented my knowledge of marketing and branding considerably. Not only was this a fabulous venue for learning about an industry, but it gave me many life lessons and helped me mature professionally. The internship program at The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists is an experience not to be missed by any college student looking to gain insightful experience in the working world.


Broad Implications for Advertisers and Investors

GREENWICH, CT, July 26, 2006 – Warning to advertisers: if you choose the wrong
message, it’s lights out. With technology empowering greater choice in what they watch,
read and hear, consumers have become more selective with their time and money, so
that a brand owner’s choice of medium now matters less than the message he puts
forward, according to a recent roundtable hosted by Lyceum Associates, Inc., a
Greenwich-based financial research firm. A full transcript is now available.

The discussion group met at the University Club in New York City on July 18, 2006 and
included both corporate executives and institutional investors. Featured panel speakers
included Clive Chajet, chairman of Chajet Consultancy, and former chairman of
Lippincott & Margulies; Robert Hall, vice president of brand development at The Boston
Beer Company; Phil McIntyre, co-founder and chief executive officer of The Brand
Gallery and PGM Artists; and Stuart McLean, co-president of JWTwo Entertainment.

“Transparency is something that brand owners and their agencies have to factor into
their marketing strategies,” explained Sydney Williams, president of Lyceum. “If you
assume that TV, print, radio, or even a Web site will transfix your audience, you could be
making a fatal mistake. It’s the message itself that transfixes the audience, and the
association that this creates with the product.”

Focus topics covered media measurement, agency pricing strategies, and the consumer
environment for beer and beverage companies. “We considered how agencies are now
engaging the financial muscle of brands to create short-form video formats, which can
translate across multiple channels. We looked too at the increasing spend on
measurement tools such as Net Promoter.”

Mr. Williams added, “Participants responded well to how our panel aggregated diverse
expertise. We were able to feature the largest craft brewer in the US, and its experience
in brand development, and then to add to the discussion executives who have done
everything from leading one of the world’s largest image consultants to pursuing cuttingedge
screen-based branding strategies.”

Lyceum Associates is a financial research firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. As an
alternative to traditional Wall Street service, Lyceum offers interactive, full-length
workshops and roundtables, which feature thought leaders from a variety of
backgrounds and expertise. Lyceum comments periodically on themes relevant to
investors through a monthly newsletter called Perspectives.

Sydney Williams
Lyceum Associates, Inc.
(203) 542-5208

July 25, 2006 Annual Summer Intern Farewell Party Is Shag-tastic

Staffers from The Brand Gallery and PGM Artists gave their 2006 summer interns, Sam Calastro, Kimmy Freeman, Thomas Perkins, and Sophie Sadat-Ketabchi, a fitting sendoff with an evening of food and fun at the West Village hotspot “Shag.” The four Denison University undergrads learned a great deal during their internships, including, apparently, how to enjoy a night out on the town – NYC style.