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November 15, 2005 Director Peter Kagan Launches Streamline Content

Peter KaganAward-winning commercial director Peter Kagan has launched a new one-director, bicoastal production house as Streamline Content. Kagan’s aim is to promote more direct creative interaction between himself and agency creatives while providing a more efficient model for the production of spots and other forms of advertising. Kagan has already wrapped his first project under the Streamline banner, a campaign for the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services promoting breast cancer awareness.

“Streamline Content represents my evolution as a commercial director,” said Kagan. “I have the confidence and body of work to move forward without the multiple layers that normally exist between a director and the creative opportunities offered by agencies. I find tremendous openness in this ‘low-fat’ production model.”

Kagan will have a presence in Los Angeles and New York and has secured national sales representation through PGM Artists. He has eliminated most of the other overhead costs typically associated with multi-director production houses and intends to pass on those cost savings to agencies. His main intent, however, is to foster greater collaboration as a means of producing better work.

“Advertising is a collaborative art form and one aspect to being a good director is to surround yourself with talented people and be open to their contributions,” Kagan said. “I’ve had the good fortune to work with very smart agency creative teams and skilled crew people, and I take great pleasure in the collaboration that comes out of those projects.”

As Streamline Content, Kagan will also enjoy the freedom to pursue non-traditional advertising assignments and other projects that he feels personally attracted to. “I’ve worked extensively in interactive advertising,” he said. “I directed the Ford Focus launch, the first spontaneously interactive TV model. That kind of work pushes my creative button, requiring innovative and completely original thinking. It’s that kind of challenge that we need to embrace to address the changes in our industry.”

According to PGM’s McIntyre, Streamline represents a creative solution that ideally suited to the current climate in advertising. “It is an exciting time in the industry, one that requires a great range of creative approaches,” he said. “Peter understands this and has created a new production model engineered to make the client’s interest the central focus.”

Kagan began his career as a still photographer and broke into live action directing through work on fashion accounts such as Karl Lagerfeld. He rose to prominence through his long association with Stiefel & Company, and through it directed commercials for such brands as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, JC Penney, Nike, Chevrolet, Reebok, MTV and Saturn. He also directed music videos for such artists as Steve Winwood and Duran Duran. He was most recently associated with bicoastal Celsius Films.

Kagan feels that he is just now hitting his stride as a director and that the “streamlined” approach of his new venture provides an ideal platform for innovative, out-of-the-box work. “With layers removed, I get great information about the boards we bid on, and as a result we are able to offer technical and creative insights of unusual depth,” he said. “That helps me formulate my creative approach and tactical solution.”